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Scottish Stone Craft is capable of addressing all forms of masonry construction, and we have completed projects in a variety of different arenas including, but not limited to: residential, commercial, industrial, public and private institutions, and religious buildings. 

Whether you are completing a tax credit rehabilitation project, or simply want to introduce a new feature that will add beauty and value to your property, we can help. 

Some of our many services include:

  • Installation, repair, and replacement of brick, stone, stucco, tabby, and concrete

  • Cleaning, staining, and sealing 

  • Re-pointing mortar joints

  • Foundation and structural crack repair

  • Additions and alterations

  • New masonry features, structures, and buildings

  • Stabilization and delicate demolition of dangerous masonry buildings

  • Pre-construction testing and consulting

MI 20160613_092801 crop.jpg

We provide custom color matching for all repairs of masonry products, and offer non-abrasive and environmentally-safe solutions to ensure that building materials and the site are not damaged in the course of our work. 


Visit Photos to see examples of our work

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